Personal Injury

Personal injury cases involve any injuries that are someone else’s responsibility. This includes automobile and trucking wrecks, as well as “premises liability” cases – slip and fall, trip and fall, and other cases where you get hurt on someone else’s property.

When you get injured in an automobile wreck, you find yourself quickly in a world of insurance companies and folks trying to convince you to settle quickly and cheaply. Some of them may also try to get you to take the blame for someone else’s bad driving.

If you get hurt at a store or another person’s home, you soon may hear from an insurance adjuster who wants a lot of information from you. They may even ask you to agree that the fall was your fault – not the responsibility of the supermarket, store, or landowner.

Insurance companies review a lot of automobile wrecks and a lot of premises liability cases. Without the right lawyer, you just become a number, a file, a claim.

personal-injuryThat’s not good enough. You are a person, a human whose life was affected by someone else’s wrong choice. You had goals and activities that brought you joy. You had a job that you hope to continue doing. You have a story to tell, and we can tell it.

These are not situations to handle on your own. You should get a lawyer early on – one who will listen to you and pay attention to your particular situation. You need a lawyer who will respect you as an individual and get the insurance company, judge, or jury to listen to your story.

But to tell your story well, we need to spend time with you. We need to hear how this injury has affected you and understand you as an individual. That is why we do not maintain a high volume of lower value personal injury cases. You will not find us on the back of the phone book, on a billboard, or on a TV commercial. Cook & Tolley, LLP is not a factory; it is a law firm. When you hire us, you are not a number, a file, a claim. You are a person; you are our client.

If you have been injured by someone else’s bad choice, let us hear from you. And please do not delay contacting us. In most circumstances, a personal injury case in Georgia has to be filed no later than two years from the day you were injured.

Specializing attorneys: J. Vincent Cook, R. Christopher Irwin, III, Devin Hartness Smith, Edward D. Tolley